Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Smell of Fresh Crayons Marks Summer's End

I love the smell of fresh crayons. The stores start to stock them in August. By September backpacks are filled with all of the fresh supplies required of a new school year. For some it is a mark of summer’s end. For me, the new crayons signify new adventures.

I always loved school. In fact, I still do. So, it is back to school for me this autumn season. Why? Because I am a writer. A writer always has more to learn. I am still working on two novels in differing stages. I’ll not abandon those, but I also have ideas for other works I hope to publish in the future. These ideas may come as a surprise. Or not.

Thank you, Nora for sharing your crayons.
I want to publish two children’s books. I have been working on them and even went so far as to send one of the stories to my friend, Pamela Harrison, an author in the field of children’s literature. Pam was extremely helpful. She pointed me in the direction of three on-line articles to help me with my rhyming book.

So for the month of September, I am off to “Kiddie Lit College” to read, research, and read everything I can about writing picture books. I’m meeting with another friend who is interested in writing for children and we are taking our “class” assignments seriously. I’m not so na├»ve as to think I can learn everything in four short weeks, but it’s a start. I expect to spend some time in October digesting what I’m learning and applying what I can to the two books I’ve already drafted.

Also, I hope to enroll in what I call “Whodunit University.” I have a great idea for a series of mysteries solved by an amateur sleuth—a woman roughly my age—hmmm. But I have been writing Christian fiction from one point of view. I know I need to learn a few new techniques to write mysteries. To that end, I asked a people I know through online writing groups for their advice. They’ve given me great contacts, lists of blogs, and the titles of books I should have on my shelf if I want to take a shot at this type of writing.

I’m excited. I’m embarking on a new adventure. Now all I need is that new box of crayons…

Tell me, what new adventure are you taking on this season? Learning a new craft? Perhaps a new language? Trying a new recipe or game? I would love to hear what you’re doing. I’ll even share my crayons if you like.


  1. I'm taking an online class through Berkley. I love school, too. Enjoy learning new things.

    This post reminds me that I have a new pack of Crayola Twistables. I prefer regular crayons but still coloring would be so relaxing. :-)

    May God bless your present and future endeavors. I really enjoyed your book. I never had a chance to tell you because our life has been crazy. So, I'm telling you now.

    1. Thank you, Melinda! How wonderful to hear. Did you, by chance write a review? I would love it if you would do so. And if you already did, then THANKS! As for learning…yep, I think you start to grow old if you don't take on new challenges. Of course when I look at my list of things I want to do or learn, I'm convinced I'll be forever young…assuming my theory holds true!


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