Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A New View…or Two

As a new writer on the scene, I am still honing my craft. Perhaps I will always be doing that.

Growing. Stretching. Trying new techniques. Well, new to me anyway.

For my latest project I am working with two points of view. It’s a “his” and “hers” kind of story. I started with my male protagonist. Writing from a male perspective was a challenge for me. I wondered if I could truly get into the head of a male character. I comforted myself with the notion that if Nicholas Sparks can speak from a woman’s point of view then I could surely speak from a man’s. I can at least make him the way my readers hope men think and feel.

My character is a pampered twenty-something named Sam. His relationship with his cold, controlling father was always strained at best. But now? His father has died and the resentment boils over when Sam discovers the conditions which must  be met in order to inherit the vast estate his father has left him. First, he must live  and work on his uncle’s farm for a year.

And the girl? Katie, the sweet twenty-year-old farm girl. Her goal is to become a writer. She has no interest in “finding a good man” as her mother wants her to do. And she is certainly not interested in the cocky man named Sam living with the Morganthalers.

I know the trick to making this work is to dedicate full chapters to one person’s point of view at a time. In my research I also stumbled upon the use of a third point of view from a mystery character. Someone who is watching, thinking, feeling….a bit scary, I know. But what if I bring a sense of suspense to this novel?

So let’s review. I’m drafting a story set in a farm community near the Amish. I have a man, a woman, and a mystery character.  I’m looking at a not-quite-Amish-contemporary-romance-suspense novel.

What do you think?

This could be one crazy ride.

I started the actual writing last week. The word count so far? 8316 words. That’s a bit over a thousand words a day.

Be sure to enjoy me next week. My guest, Susan Craft will inspire you to keep writing!

P.S. What do you think of the new look for the site? 

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