Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Word Count Wednesday: Breakfast Cookies

My book is really coming along now. Sonja is beginning to realize the fancy biscotti and gourmet cookies she wanted to order from a company in California may not be the best choice to serve at the coffee shop. She had no intention to bake anything herself but concedes it may be more affordable and perhaps more desirable. She remembers cookies her mother used to bake. They were called breakfast cookies. They are really delicious. I know because my mother used to make them, too.  

So Sonja e-mailed her mother asking about the recipe. I e-mailed my mom, too. My mother called me with the instructions. It took a while for her to unearth it from her storehouse of handwritten cards and cookbooks. It had been a few years since I had made the cookies. I knew I needed to do that before I could have Sonja make them. After talking with my mom I realized I had most of the ingredients. I just needed to pick up a box of cornflakes. Yes, these cookies have two kinds of cereal in them. Hence the name “Breakfast Cookies.”

I put everything together in the largest bowl I have. It’s good I made them before Sonja did. I now know Sonja needs to use her dough hook on her big mixer when she makes these. I didn’t have one and the stiff dough was hard to work.

I made the first three dozen and hadn’t put a dent in the dough. The recipe makes at least eight dozen cookies. I actually think that is good for Sonja. She expects a big crowd. It was late, so I put the unused cookie dough in the refrigerator to bake the next day. I wanted to try to bake a dozen with almonds. Also, I need to see if they will “freeze nicely” as Sonja’s mother promised in my story.

Then in the name of research, my husband and I took two dozen of the breakfast cookies to his brother’s house. My sister-in-law made some coffee and the four of us taste tested the cookies. Well, that and we played dominoes. I am happy to report the cookies will make it in the book along with the recipe. The dominoes might make it, too.  
Where am I now? Sonja is getting ready for her “soft opening” of the coffee shop for the locals. She has cleaned and painted, baked and organized. She has made a few friends in Fish Creek where she now lives and has hired a high school neighbor to help her out part time.  Sonja’s parents (Who live in Kenosha pretty close to where my own daughter lives, I think…) will be coming up for the opening to sort of pitch in as well.

What is the word count? 28,234 including the recipe for breakfast cookies. 28,236… if you “add almonds.”

P.S. I did do a little more experimenting. I placed a pecan half on top of each cookie before I baked it then drizzled caramel on top. Some dear friends I knew in high school invited us over for dinner. In the interest of research, I took my newest cookie efforts to share with them. The verdict? You can’t ruin a Breakfast Cookie…so Sonja has lots of options. 

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  1. And the cookies never made to the next day here after you all left, hmmm they were good folks in fact outstanding comes to mind.


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