Tuesday, May 14, 2024

A Look Back


Intentional. A Look Back.

As we are nearly midway through the year, I decided to revisit my “word of the year” to see how it is playing out for me. If you didn’t read the January post where I chose the word “intentional” for 2024, I’ll put a link at the bottom for you.


I usually post my word for the year above the desk in my office. I didn’t exactly have my writing area  set up the during the remodel, so much of my writing has been at the dining room table. I can see “thankful” or “bountiful” or maybe “harvest” as part of a display above the table…if I had a word hanging there at all….but “intentional”? I don’t think so.


I’ve always linked my word for the year with my writing. To tell the truth, I hadn’t deliberately thought about the word since January. Yet, it has surfaced…even guided me in my writing efforts...unintentionally!


A Replica of
Hemingway's Desk
on His Boat, the Pilar.
His work was both
"Intense" and "Intentional"

Intentional: Deliberate in Action.

You may recall my post in March where I met a gal at a local coffee shop called Cattle Dogs. That’s where I also met a group of writers sitting next to me. This was an answer to prayer. I had looked online for writers in the area. I joined Citrus Writers right away. 


Intentional: Focused

To get back into writing mode, I went to the Chicken Soup for the Soul website and looked at the list of upcoming topics. I chose a few of them where I thought I might have a story to share and used them as writing exercises. Focusing on a small story helped me get back into the groove of crafting a story beginning to end.


Intentional: Assess Goals and Take Steps to Achieve Them

I set goals I had for a particular story I could see as a novel. I wrote them down and began the job of writing. I set a word count objective for daily writing. I try to focus on my novel Tuesday through Friday with my blog writing on Monday. It doesn’t always work out that way, but most of the time that’s how I function.


Intentional: Be Present

I try to “show up” ready for work. It is easy to be distracted by social media or games on my computer, but I try to leave myself a challenge the day before so I know what I need to do before taking a break.  


Intentional: Think Before Acting or Speaking

Uh…Okay, that probably plays out more in my role as a newlywed than it does as a writer. But hey, even our personal lives need to be actions bathed in love and intentional in what we do and say. 

I’d much rather live the “happily ever after” than simply write about it!

Did you choose a word for the year? How is that shaping your 2024?


Here is the original post on my word choice for 2024: Word for the Year



Tuesday, May 7, 2024

A Week to Remember

 A Week to Remember

I am writing this from Ohio. Yep, I flew to the Buckeye State last Friday. (Hey, when you find a one-way ticket for under thirty dollars, you grab it.) 

Yes, I said one-way. 

Not to worry. Mike is joining me here for a few days and we’ll drive home together. (Had you wondering, huh?)


This past week was my birthday week, so the day after my birthday, I flew to Cincinnati to see my mama. We’ve had a good visit and I’m very glad I came. Even if she did beat me in several games of Backstreet Rummy.


And for my Florida friends who think it is always cold here, mom and I took a walk today admiring the green grass and all the blooming flowers. Mom has roses blooming now, but I missed the lilacs by a few days. 


Spring is definitely in the air. It was a bit hot today. So maybe it is summer in the air.


The evening I arrived, my youngest daughter picked me up from the airport and took me to a presentation I will likely never forget at her church (Crossroads Cincinnati) Todd Pearce, an honest to goodness cowboy tamed a wild horse right before our eyes. Check him out on YouTube HERE. It was a truly memorable experience.


 I was here for our oldest grandson’s birthday. To celebrate, he, his dad, his mom (my oldest daughter) and I went to a theater for the 25th anniversary of Episode One of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. We had popcorn and root beer for dinner. That is akin to a childhood dream coming true! I love my family!

My Very Own Jedi Knight

My mom and I indulged in takeout from our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch and spent the afternoon playing some of our favorite games. We’ve walked and talked and fully enjoyed each other. 


I love my family. The ones I’ve known all my life… or all of theirs…and the ones I’ve added into the fold since Mike and I married. 


This week’s post may be small…in words… But this week has been huge…in love.