Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What is my Platform?

In discussions with other writers I have been asked about my platform. Sometimes they are using the word platform to talk about the launching pad I have in place to publicize my work. Others are asking about my message. Both are legitimate questions in the field of writing.

To address the first question I can talk about my Facebook presence or my blog. I can relate information about my sphere of influence as I see it, but I am more interested in the second question. What is my message? What is it I believe and want to share? What is it I feel God has equipped me to do?

I believe Christian fiction can positively change the lives of readers. Books I have read have influenced my thinking or offered me insight into the why a person may be acting in a certain way. My characters are flawed. Like me. And the message in the books I write tends to be one of faith, forgiveness, and restoration. Curious…my very favorite book in the world is all about faith, forgiveness and restoration. So how do I address these issues in my stories?

In Breathing on Her Own, my first novel, my main character begins to question her faith in God when her daughter is involved in a horrendous accident. In the story I am currently composing, Sonja discovers her belief system was shallow and was what some would call “borrowed faith”—she never made it her own. She feels she is in some way betraying her parents if she questions what they believe. I think both of these “faith issues” are real for my readers.

And forgiveness? In my current work, the main character knows she has turned away from doing what is right. God has already forgiven her, but she is so ashamed she can’t see it. How could God want anything to do with her again? Haven’t we all experienced that? God has already forgiven us. I think the biggest problem we often face is accepting that truth and being able to forgive ourselves.

Restoration. Hey I like happy endings. God must like them, too. I’ve read the end of His book. He wins and so do we! There is nothing to compare with realizing your relationship with the one who created you is restored. I am looking forward to my character learning that tidbit of truth for herself.

Now to the word count. I actually had to look this up. Usually, I write the total on my calendar each day, but I have been writing so much and at odd hours of the day, I realized that for the past several days I have not recorded the words written toward the completion of this book. To date? 60,442 words.

On a side note: I recently learned that one of my stories has been accepted by Chicken Soup for the Soul’s 20th Anniversary edition coming out in June. The book is called Reader's Choice. My story in it is called “Hugging Day.” Hope you like it!

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  1. Good morning Rebecca,

    this is a great post. I do look forward to reading your story in Chicken Soup for the Soul, and also want to read Breathing on her Own. Is it published yet? It sounds like a great story.

    I like it when characters have flaws. If there weren't any, the story wouldn't feel real. We know there was ever only One without flaws; our Lord Jesus Christ. So to read -- and write --about other's "imperfectness" is only natural.

    As for word count? I love long novels. Part of me can't wait to get to the end, but when the story is 'that good', another part doesn't want it to end.




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