Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December 18

December 18. A special day. Today she would marry her high school sweetheart. Today. One week before Christmas. Exactly one week. The Florida sun warmed the day. The azaleas bloomed. Oranges dotted the trees like small sun kissed ornaments on a southern Christmas offering.
He worked hard to clean the car and help set up the church reception hall. He didn’t eat all day. It was a special day. Today he would marry his high school sweetheart. Together they would finish college. Together they would build a life. Eventually, they would raise a family. Today was the first day of fulfilling their dreams.

They said their vows. Friends and family stood beside them and bore witness to their commitment. Yes, they were young. They only thought they knew what love was –or could be. Later, they would admit that. Later they would say they grew to understand what true love is –not the romantic notion they held as high school sweethearts.

They would finish college and graduate school and along the way have three beautiful daughters. They would work hard for their money and work harder for their Lord. They would play and laugh as a family and together face every trial thrown their way.  

They would watch their daughters make lifelong commitments to men God had planned for them to marry. They would welcome seven grandchildren into this world –four boys followed by three girls –and delight in the love and energy of their little ones.

Then they would retire. He to fish and golf –her to write this blog.

December 18. A special day. Today. Today we celebrate forty-two years of friendship and love and a life worth living. Thank you, God for Tom.

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