Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Whodunnit U Remains Undefeated

Can't help it Whodunnit U uniforms
look at lot like Wendy's poster for the
U of W Badgers
The Silver Sleuths at Whodunnit University (WU) are holding tight to their perfect record, remaining undefeated in this, the eighth week of collegiate football.

Whodunnit University prepares writers to put together well-crafted mystery novels and short stories. “Anyone can attend WU for the month of November tuition free,” University President, Dr. Rebecca Waters shared at a recent press conference.

Potential students of mystery and suspense are encouraged to participate each week in the online study program hosted by Whodunnit U during the month of November.

Week one begins today. Participants are asked to name their favorite mystery or suspense character. “The university will accept characters from books, television, movies, or plays. You may also include characters from courtroom thrillers,” Waters said. “Leave the names of the character(s) you’ve chosen in the comments section below.”

One additional assignment for the week will include thinking about an idea for a “flash fiction” piece for Whodunnit’s Flash Fiction contest. Details of the contest are posted at the end of this article. “We at Whodunit University are always looking for new writing talent.”

Writing talent? What about football talent? How has WU managed to not lose a single game in their short history? “It’s easy,” Waters said. “We actually don’t have a team. Of course we don’t’ really have a university, either.”

Ahh…mystery solved.

However, the mythical school will offer an online course over the next three weeks for writers interested in learning more about composing their own mystery or suspense.

November 12- You will receive your Mystery 101 course syllabus. Take time to read and study the art of writing outlined in the syllabus.

November 19- Whodunnit U will host visiting professor, Lillian Duncan, whose latest release is a suspense called Redemption. 

November 26- Final Exam: Although Whodunnit U will be closed for Thanksgiving (And the faculty here highly recommend you spend that day with your family) the final will remain open until the first week in December. Have fun with it, you’ve already earned your “A.”

December 3- Deadline to submit your story for the Flash Fiction contest.

To register for the course, be sure to sign up to receive email notifications of this blog, A Novel Creation. The blog is for writers in all stages of their writing career and offers new posts every Wednesday.

Flash Fiction Contest Details:
·      Write an original mystery/suspense story to be eligible to win.
·      All stories must be 1000-1200 words long. Stories need to be “family friendly” meaning no foul language, graphic details, or erotica.
·      All entrants will be eligible to win a $5 gift card to Target.
·      Stories will be judged by visiting faculty member, Lillian Duncan
·      The winning author will receive a “basket of books”- an ebook collection by Lillian Duncan including Geese Mate for Life; Serenity Springs, Ohio; Dark Alleys; and Until Death Do Us Part. The winning entry may be selected as a post on Ms. Duncan’s blog, Tiaras and Tennis Shoes. Authors of other stories of merit may be contacted to include on A Novel Creation. All stories posted on blogs are subject to editing.
·      Stories may be submitted anytime during the Whodunnit series but no later than December 3, 2014.
·      Submit your entry by emailing it as an attachment to

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