Wednesday, January 13, 2016

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Writer

Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Writer:

1. I hate to read. 

2. So you don't work…you just write?

3. Aren’t you finished with that novel? I mean, seriously, haven’t you been working on that for like a month?

4. Do you ever want people to read what you write? 

5. Writing is a nice hobby. My grandma used to write little poems for us kids. You could try that.

6. You are so lucky you don’t have to work like real people.

7. Yeah, my uncle wrote a book once. He has a garage full of the ones he couldn’t sell.

8. Are you famous? Do you know Nicholas Sparks or Danielle Steel? No? Are you a real writer?

9. What a great idea! I always thought I should write a book about my dysfunctional family. I have a week of vacation time coming. If I could write it then, I could publish it by summer.

10. So how much do you make? I was thinking about writing a best seller. 
Some days are just like that...


  1. Oh my gosh are you so right. I would be rich for every time I heard number 2, 6 and number 9.
    Even family members think I am sitting at home doing nothing all day. The envy that comes off the vibes from them is life threatening. When I published my books, then reality hit that oh, I actually wasn't doing nothing.

    People can be so nasty with their comments towards writers. They think they better than us because they earn money from someone who pays them regularly.

  2. I'm laughing. Number nine is the one I hear most often...or something akin to it! I think others have respect for the "idea" of being a writer but are clueless as to the extent of work it takes to write and then promote a book! Thanks for dropping in and double thanks for the comment!

  3. This is great! People think writing a book is EASY! They have no idea how hard it is. As a children's writer, the most frequent comment I get is: "At least you aren't writing an adult novel. Writing for children has to be much easier. After all, they're just kids." Thank you for sharing this list. I have a huge grin on my face.

    1. Exactly, Pam! If they only knew that writing a children's book is much harder and a tougher market than adult fiction! Glad I made you smile! Thanks for dropping in today!

  4. My favourite is - what's it like being a famous author?
    The answer is - sadly I don't know!!

    1. I'm wth you there! Curiously, the successful authors I know don't always know either! thanks for the comment!


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