Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Kosovo: A Trip to Greece, Chapter 2, Scene 5

Bring your own cushion!

One of the perks of living in southeastern Europe is the opportunity to easily visit a number of interesting places. This past weekend I traveled with some friends to Greece for a couple of days. While we stayed at a seaside hotel in Thessaloniki, we spent our first day tromping around the ancient city of Philippi. I decided to recount my experience for my readers.

Today is part one of a two-part post. Today I’m sharing the pictures of Philippi. You’ll remember the apostle Paul preached the gospel in Philippi. He visited the city several times. 

The city is an active archeological site. Our first glimpse of the dig was a large stone wall. Past the wall is the theater. There was a school group on a field trip there the day we visited. I doubt they appreciated the ruins as much as I did.

Before we walked the alleyways and explored the city, four of us took on the challenge to climb the mountain to the fortress looming above. The views were beautiful. I couldn’t help but think of how Tom would have enjoyed the construction of the stone fortress and the hike to get there. 

As we descended we could see the ruins spread out before us.

The Roman road, Via Egnatia, constructed in the 2nd century BC crossed several provinces of the Roman Empire. Paul traveled this road. Amazing.

The Doorframe gives you an idea of the size of the buildings. Obviously, for the Romans "Bigger is Better."

Archeologists have dug up some earthen pots that are virtually intact. The city had been attacked several times. It was greatly damaged and abandoned. Eventually it was completely destroyed by an earthquake.

The ancient Roman community had toilets and a septic system. The men would congregate at the toilet in the morning and conduct business. Maybe that's where the term "taking care of business" comes from. I’m told wealthy men sent slaves ahead of them to sit on the toilet to warm the stone seat for them before they got there.

The city boasted a library. All that seems to be left of it though is the stone sign. I loved strolling past the marketplace. The stone stalls still stand (say that five times fast) and it is easy to imagine the hustle and bustle of every day life along this side of the town.

There were many places along the way where I stood in awe of the place only knew before through biblical accounts. It proved to be the sort of experience that makes you catch your breath and threatens to bring tears to your eyes. A place a wonder.

I stood on the stone floor of what was likely a home. I couldn’t help but imagine Paul or Silas standing in that very spot thinking of all that was, all that is, and all that could be in the sunny Greek city of Philippi.

The site of the Library
Look across the city and up the hill.
Far away you will see the fortress!

Write it on the doorframe...
Via Egnatia

Join me as I spend these next months in Kosova (the Albanian pronunciation for Kosovo) in Southeastern Europe. Each week I’ll share my experiences. Leave your comments and questions below. I’ll try to address each as best I can.


  1. I'm so glad you are able to walk and climb and explore these amazing places. Take care of that knee and keep the posts coming!


    1. Oh, Joyce! So glad to see you here! Philippi was such a treat. I wish you could see it.

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