Wednesday, February 6, 2019

"Lucy...You Got Some Splainin' To Do"

Last week I wrote a blog about “my new romance.” If you didn’t read it, you can find it HEREIt turns out quite a few people did not read the post itself. They read the title.  “Warming Up Winter: A Sweet Romance in My Life”

Responses confirm the notion that a title is powerful. I had messages from friends telling me how happy they were I had found someone. I had people wanting more details about the man and how we met. Many offered words of encouragement and at least one said she was praying for me to find happiness in this new relationship.

But remember, those comments came from people who only read the title.

A great number of people DID read the post to get the real scoop, making it one of my most popular writings on A Novel Creation. Their comments were also interesting and encouraging. Some called me a prankster and said I had fooled them, but most thought it a great introduction to my latest writing venture. Their words were encouraging. 

The result? In the one week since I shared that post and received those comments, I’ve written a little over twenty-six thousand words. That’s over 4300 words a day for six days of writing.

I never write that much in a day. Well, I rarely write that much. It may have happened a time or two. But not several days in a row. 

It could be because I like the story. Or the characters. 

Kendall took this shot of me
 in my "Savannah Office"
It could be because I spent four of those days in Savannah in a nice hotel with no responsibilities during the day except to write to my heart’s content. (Though I will confess to watching a little HGTV since I don’t have cable at home.) The Savannah trip was with my daughter who was busy with a conference during the day.

Those are contributing factors, but I know myself. I have been able to keep the writing momentum going because of the encouraging words of my readers. When someone says, “I can’t wait to read it” or “I’m hooked” I want to write.

When I have people saying, “Write, write, write!” or “Finish, finish, finish!” and “I want to read this!” I want to write.

Your words are powerful. Not just for me but for everyone around you. Positive, encouraging words can create incredible momentum for everyone you know.

So here’s the bottom line…If you want to read this romance novel…keep those encouraging words coming! 

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