Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Writer Within

You May Be a Writer If…

You Sit Back at Parties and Create Scenes in Your Head With the People in the Room as Characters
Ever at a boring event where you don’t know the people? Seated at the table where everyone else only speaks Italian? 

You Can’t Help But Mentally “Edit” Facebook Posts
Need I say more?

You Look at Troublesome Moments in Your Life as Possible Tension Points For Your Next Novel
Every life has them and every novel needs them. Not to mention this perspective helps you endure the frustration of the car not starting or the electric going off. 

You Watch a Television Show or Movie, Noting Inciting Incidents, Arcs…and the Resolution of the Story 
Watch the old western series calledWagon Train. The stories are perfectly formed.

You Rewrite Endings to Movies or Books You Wish Had Different Outcomes
All the time. 

You Study People in Line While Waiting to Renew your Driver’s License and Mentally Craft Biographies For Each One
It takes forever! You can actually collect at least five solid character sketches before your turn at the desk.

You Collect Interesting Names of Places and People
Steele Mattingly –an honest to goodness veterinarian in Cincinnati…even though I’ve always thought he should have been a spy.

You Read an Article or Watch a Report on the News and Immediately Think of at Least Two or Three Possible Backstories Leading to the Event
“They don’t know why the man jumped from the train. Police are still investigating…”

You Observe People Waiting for a Plane and Make Up Exciting Future Adventures for Them Based on Their Demeanor, Dress, and Luggage
A young couple on an international flight. She’s dressed up…he’s dressed down. He has a backpack. She has a leather carry-on. His eyes are only on her. Her eyes dart around the room. 

You Refer to Someone Who Disagrees with You as “The Antagonist”
No comment here…I don’t want to get in trouble.

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