Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Quiet in the Chaos

This past weekend I hosted a brunch at my house for my family. Actually, it wasn’t my idea. My youngest daughter had a yen for breakfast pizza. Not the college dorm leftovers from Friday night. This is a dish I made when we went on a ski trip or for special holidays. It features sausage, eggs, hash browns, and cheese baked on a crescent roll crust. My whole family likes it.

Kendall called me one day and told me she really wanted me to make it and they’d come to my house for brunch: Unless of course I wanted to come to her house. She called her sister who lives nearby and my mom. She then let me know everyone was coming to my house around 10:30 or so on February 22 for brunch. 

I made the pizza and coffee. I cut up a fresh pineapple. My son-in-law Scott made waffles and my daughter Allison scrambled eggs for the “littles” who preferred them with their waffles instead of the pizza. It was a wonderful Saturday. We ate and talked and played. As it was George Washington’s birthday, my youngest granddaughter brought a booklet she made in school about Washington and Lincoln. Everyone had a part.

HOSPITALITY. It was last year’s word resurfacing. We talked about how that word had a deeper meaning for me after living with it for the whole of 2019. (I choose a word to explore every year.)

Hospitality isn’t simply about the food. It’s that comfortable feeling when people feel free enough to invite themselves to spend time with you in your home. Sure, they’re family, but they lead busy lives. I’m blessed that given the wide range of options before them, they choose to spend time with me. 

And they feel comfortable enough to invite themselves over for a brunch.

In the midst of the chatter and laughter of Saturday’s gathering, my youngest daughter asked me how my word for 2020 was playing out. You may recall from an earlier post I chose the word QUIET for this year. My family found it humorous. The morning was anything but quiet.

But QUIET is an interesting word. I’m learning it means much more than “without noise.” It speaks to stillness and reflection. It doesn’t necessarily mean isolation. There is a quiet during communion time at church that is full of energy. It is a time when I’m joined together with other believers and a peace that transcends understanding wraps its arms around us and pulls us together.

There is a quietness that comes when I’m anxious about something and I remind myself to breathe deep. (“Breathe deep” was, by the way, one of Tom’s go-to cure-alls. That and “put ice on it.”) I draw in a breath and feel my shoulders relax. The tension quiets as I release my fears or apprehensions.

I’m bumping into the word everywhere. Softly.

So even in the midst of chaos…the moment of living and laughing together, there is this quiet strength of love and peace swelling inside. 

What word have you claimed for 2020? How is it playing out for you today?

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