Tuesday, April 20, 2021

So What's For Lunch?

 So What’s For Lunch?


Last week I proposed we are entering a time when we can start thinking about entertaining once again. It may be outside or we may able to share a meal in our dining room with a small group of family or friends who have been vaccinated. 


Personally, I miss having people over for a meal. Any meal. I shared a popular, no fuss menu last week for breakfast. This week I am sharing an even easier to prep lunch menu. I don’t want to spend all my time in the kitchen. I want to spend time with my guests. Again, I’m including an appetizer, main course, and dessert


Lunch Appetizer: Veggies


Choose the veggies you like. I chose carrots and celery drizzled with ranch dressing. I served them in individual small cups. I bought a bag of baby carrots and a bag of celery. Of course, you can purchase the celery already cut into small pieces, but cleaning and cutting it is no big deal.


Don’t like carrots and celery? How about grape tomatoes or broccoli? Sweet raw peas are good. So are slices of sweet pepper. You get the idea. Your appetizer is the start of the meal. Why make a big hefty salad when a few raw veggies will do?


Main Course: Rotisserie Chicken with Charred Sweet Onion, Tomatoes, and Avocado


Easier than easy. My local grocery store roasts juicy, delicious chickens every day. $5.99 and one will serve four people with leftovers. I heat olive oil then char slices or slivers of sweet onion in the pan. Add that to my grape tomatoes and chunks of avocado and pour over the slices of chicken I’ve plated for my guests. That could be it. You may decide to add a hard roll or rice. The day I made this last week, I had a pack of couscous in the pantry. The mild Mediterranean seasonings were a perfect complement to my chicken. And the side dish cooked up in five minutes. That I can handle.  


Dessert: Angel Food Cake 


As my granddaughter would say, “Easy peasy.” I bought a premade angel food cake at the grocery bakery. I drizzled chocolate syrup on the plate and a bit on the cake. I garnished each serving with blueberries and raspberries. Use what you have. It makes for a gorgeous dessert. 


As you can see, presentation is perhaps as important as taste. While the meals I’m suggesting are delicious, they look great, too. Don’t be afraid try new recipes, put new ingredients together, and plate your meals in new ways. Think about how some restaurants serve iced tea in a mason jar. Make it fun. 


The most important part of the meal? Sharing time with people you care about.


Your turn. What favorite recipe do you pull out for guests?

**Please continue to take safe measures against COVID-19. Get your shot. Continue to wear a mask. Use social distancing when and where you can.**


  1. I buy premade angel food cake, too! It's easy and makes for such a lovely dessert.


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