Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Life is Simply "Blunderful"

 Life Is Simply “Blunderful”


Never heard the word blunderful?

Here’s the definition:


blunderful-  adj.  Word used to describe one’s own mishaps, mistakes, and blunders ultimately leading to unexpected positive outcomes. (WatersWords)


Here is an example from my own life:


My husband worked for the University of Cincinnati. One of the perks was a tuition remission program. When Tom discovered the benefit extended to me, we started talking about the possibility of me pursing an advanced degree. Someday. I didn’t see it on the near horizon. After all, I was busy as a wife and a mom to three active little girls. I was a teacher and had many responsibilities at church. I wanted to continue my education, but kept putting it on the back burner.


One Monday as we cleared the dinner dishes, I told the girls to get ready for volleyball. It wasn’t a league. It was a family night at a church gym. 


“Oh, wait,” Tom said, “we can’t go to volleyball tonight. I signed you up for a class today.”


That evening and every Monday evening for the first quarter, Tom and the girls drove me to my class. The next term, we decided I could drive myself. Sounds like a good plan, right? 


Unfortunately, I couldn’t park where Tom always parked. I did not work on campus. I did not have an employee sticker on my car.


I followed directions from the gatekeeper into the unfamiliar parts of campus. I finally located a parking garage. I looked at my watch. I was late. Furthermore, I didn’t know how to get from the garage back to the building where my class was held. I asked for directions. I kept the brick building in sight and headed that direction.


There was not a direct route via sidewalk or street. I had to keep the building in view. That meant I had to cross a drainage ditch and climb a hill to reach it. Then I couldn’t find the classroom. A sign on the door said the class had been moved to a different building. I only knew the one building on campus so I had to ask someone else for directions to the new location.


I walked in late. Unbeknownst to me, the professor asked each person to introduce him or herself and tell why they chose his class. He was weeding out the unqualified. As I said, I didn’t know this. 


“My name is Joe Smith. Dr. So-and-so recommended I take this course.”


“Hi, my name is Linda Jones. My research is called Dissonance in Urban Communities: Cultural Differences in Communication.”  Must be a doctoral student. They title everything with a colon. You could hear it in her voice.


It was finally my turn. I was honest. “My name is Rebecca Waters and I am taking this class because it is on Monday nights.” There was a chuckle in the room.


After the introducitons, the professor gave an overview of the course and offered his first lecture. Before he dismissed the class he advised students to walk in groups back to their dorms or cars. It seems there had been a couple of attacks on campus. He also offered to stay a few minutes after class in case anyone had any questions.


I had a burning question. I waited until the others finished and approached the professor. “Would there be any chance you could help me find my car?”


I explained my ordeal and tried to describe the parking garage.


The whole evening had been a blunder. I knew it. All I wanted to do now was get home safely. Tom could help me drop the class later.


That professor, Jeff Schultz, walked me to my car. I drove him to his. Because of my blunder, we had time to talk and he learned I was not the ditzy woman I appeared to be in class. (At least I thought I was a bit ditzy.) He encouraged me. Moreover, Jeff became a friend, mentor, and my advisor in the master’s program.


What “blunderful” moment have you experienced?

University of Cincinnati:
Tom with his PhD
Me with my Masters
All in the same day!







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