Tuesday, August 24, 2021

A Date

A Date to Remember

Yes. I had a wonderful lunch date with a most incredible man. He called last week and asked if I would be free on Monday for lunch. Of course I said, “Yes! I’d love that!” (I know... I sounded overly enthusiastic.)

He is smart and kind and good looking. He took me to his favorite restaurant. It is a fun place in Cincinnati called The Silver Spring House. I had only been there one other time. They have a great atmosphere and yummy food but it was the company I cherished.


It was lunchtime, so he had a chicken sandwich. I ordered a hamburger. We both indulged in French fries. 


We ate, talked, and looked at favorite pictures on our phones. He shared some of his favorite shots of Cozumel. I showed him pictures of my youngest grandchild on a recent “dinosaur dig” at Trammel Fossil Park in Cincinnati.  


I’ve known this man for almost twenty years, though this may well be the first time we’ve gone to lunch together. Alone anyway. We talked about future hopes and dreams. We shared stories of the past. We shared a few memories that brought tears to my eyes. Sweet memories. Then, all too soon, it was time to leave. We had things to do.


He needed to pick up his University of Cincinnati parking pass. He applied for his student ID online, so that part wasn’t part of our day’s activities. 


Admit it…I had you fooled there for a minute, right? But anytime your oldest grandson makes a date to take you to lunch and to his college, is a great day. 


A day to remember.




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    1. Good "story". You are fortunate to have a grandchild living close enough that you can get together for a lunch date.


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