Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Chasing and Embracing Adventure

 Adventure: Chasing or Embracing?


I’ve often been told I am an adventurous person. Curious. I don’t think of myself that way. I don’t back away from new experiences. Mostly. But I don’t constantly seek them out, either. 


I decided there are two types of people in the adventurous category: Chasers and Embracers. We won’t talk about the third category of people whose idea of adventure is trying mustard instead of ketchup on a hamburger once. Just once.


To my way of thinking, Chasers are those who climb a mountain then seek one that is higher. They go on to find and climb another one more treacherous to challenge them. They need to increase the challenge and up the danger levels to get that euphoric reaction they desire. It’s akin to an emotional “high.”


I am not a “Chaser.”


I enjoy trying new things even though I may not have been looking for them. Meeting new people, traveling, eating new foods, and trying new activities. Those may challenge me. Stretch me. Cause me to see the world differently. Even when I have to be coaxed to “jump in the deep end,” so to speak, I do it. Generally, I find those experiences gratifying.


I am an “Embracer.” 


Tom and I raised three Embracers. Allison, Danielle, and Kendall learned early on to take on new challenges as opportunities. They all three enjoy meeting new people, trying new experiences, and tasting new foods. They love people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and languages. 


This week we celebrated Mother’s Day. Flowers and candy were displayed in all the stores. I went to church with my mom and cooked our midday meal. My daughter in Wisconsin had given me a pot of flowers to plant. I took a walk with my youngest to recognize the day…and get some exercise.


Then, my oldest daughter showed up with her family. My son-in-law planted a blackberry bush in my back yard. It was a sweet day. But the real surprise came from my oldest grandson, Joshua.


Joshua ordered a box of Japanese snacks on the internet. 


First you need to understand one important fact. When I am talking about food and Joshua, I am usually (probably nine times out of ten) making a reference to mac and cheese. I have never known this man-child to be adventurous in the food department. Never.


Yet here we were, sitting out on the deck sampling snacks from halfway around the world. The box he ordered was called the “Seasons of Japan.” Fortunately, it came with a guidebook because we couldn’t read the labels.


We tried everything. Like anything else, we liked some better than others. But the most important piece was WE TRIED IT ALL. 

Becoming an adventurous person? Maybe that “Embracer” thing isn’t something you learn. Maybe it is in the genes after all. 

A few of the snacks we enjoyed.
Check out BOKKSU for more.


What have you done that others consider adventurous?



  1. That sounds like a fun way to pass an afternoon. What a cool adventure.

    1. Lydia, It was WONDERFUL! And would make a great party!


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