Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Unpacking Experience

Unpacking Experience

Do you remember your first day of school? You get home and someone asks, “How was kindergarten?” 


“What did you do?”

“Uh…I dunno.”


Remember those conversations? You may have experienced them with your own children. 


As a former teacher, I know those first days are packed with activity, new friends, and great stories. As a mom, I know it takes a while to unpack any of it.


I came to fully understand the child’s side of this conversation this past week. Following a visit with my family in Wisconsin, I attended the Write-to-Publish conference in Wheaton, Illinois.


“How was the conference?” my own sweet mama asked.


“What did you do?”

“I dunno.”


 I loved the conference. I met authors, publishers, agents, podcasters, and bloggers. There were new writers and those who have over a million books in print. We had music. We had food. We attended workshops and enjoyed great main speakers and programs. 


I enrolled in a multi-day workshop with one of my favorite authors, Angela Hunt. And yes, she and I enjoyed good conversation over lunch.

Angela Hunt and Moi


I took a ton of notes. Some of them are even legible.


In the evening, I headed back to my friend’s house to crash in my comfy bed and prepare for another day.


Now I am home. Somewhat rested. Unpacked. Ready to write.

Now you can ask me.


“How was the conference?”


“Incredible. I met so many great people and learned so much more about my craft. I returned home inspired and ready to write. The food was good and I had a great time with my friend, Cindy Huff and her hubby, Charlie. They certainly made me feel welcome.” 


Favorite Love Inspired
Author and my
Weeklong Go-To: Allie Pleiter
It all comes out in a rush.


“So what did you do?”


“I dunno.”









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