Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Girls' Week 2022

Girls' Week 2022

For years I have longed to have all three of my daughters to myself for a week at the beach. Girls’ Week 2022 emerged from that desire. The girls arranged their schedules and their husbands worked with them to make it happen. I love all of them for indulging me this way.


This week we’ve laughed and played in the ocean. We’ve shared memories and food and played games. We’ve taken long walks by the water. I took pictures but the real treasures are those indescribable moments of shared history and deep affection for family. 


While walking in the sand in front of our condo, I watched a little one put her toes in the water’s edge. Two little boys were out trying to ride the waves in to shore. They were knocked down several times but managed a few successful rides. It was enough to keep them going.


First steps into the ocean are a bit daunting. The water is cold. So different from our  “normal.” The sandy bottom shifts with the rise and fall of waves. With each spray of water you can feel the adrenalin surge through you.


My daughters and I decided it’s a bit like life. Most often we don’t know what is just beneath the surface and all too frequently events in our lives crash over us, throwing us a bit off balance. But we keep getting up and trying again. 


That's resilience. That's determination. That's success.


Success isn’t guaranteed by controlling the waves of life, it is determined by how we adjust to them. We realign and recalibrate our plans. We can try to tackle challenges alone, but  “Life is better done together.” I love my family.

My  Girls...

Left to Right
Youngest to Oldest
Kendall, Danielle, Allison




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