Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Peace of Woodstock

Peace of Woodstock



If you are of a certain age, you may remember the iconic music festival in upstate New York. 


I was one of those people oblivious to the whole thing. 


It was 1969. I had just turned sixteen. I was likely more interested in driving my Mustang and gearing up for my sophomore year in high school.


I heard about the concert after it happened. Roughly four hundred thousand young people descending on a dairy farm for a concert lasting four days made the news. 

Not that I watched the news. Still, it was big enough to garner discussion in most circles. Adults were appalled. The kids I knew thought it was “cool.”


I may not have offered an opinion at the time, but I was well aware through the years of the powerful impact this gathering of musicians had on our lives; both musically and politically. I knew many artists I later enjoyed got their start at Woodstock. 


A few weeks ago, an advertisement popped up on Mike’s computer. Peace of Woodstock it read. A concert commemorating the 1969 event was being held at the Crimson Sky Ranch, an outdoor event center. It is located less than an hour from where we live. A couple of calls as well as a few clicks on the computer and we had tickets for the evening event with Mike’s sister joining us for the drive. 

Karena and Sandee
We met up with Mike’s best friend, also named Mike, and his wife, Sandee. (That was a huge draw for me since I was anxious to meet them.)

 Sandee and "the Other Mike"


The five of us carried our camp chairs in bags over our shoulders, setting up in what turned out to be the front row. And yes…we dressed the part. Sort of. Mike and I wore our standard blue jeans and t-shirts. Mike bought me beads with a peace sign dangling from them. Mike’s sister and friends were a bit more into it than we were, but that’s okay.


Other attendees were totally into the part.


I recognized most of the songs but realized I really didn’t know all of the lyrics.

Some people sang along without missing a word. A few people danced. The music was only part of the experience. Most of us simply enjoyed the totality of the event. 


It was September 1, 2023. It was the day Jimmy Buffet died. 

The band, Peace of Woodstock, stepped away from their “Woodstock Music Only” commitment to sing a Jimmy Buffet song to honor the man.


Perhaps that simple act alone highlights the true meaning of music. 

Music is the language that transcends time and trends. And people. Music is, in truth, the universal language. 

It doesn’t matter if you wear flowers in your hair or even have any hair left at all. Music speaks to the heart and soul of people of all shapes and sizes; people of all nationalities and backgrounds.


Music brings people together…under the stars on a late summer evening. 

Woodstock Mike...and Me


Your turn: How does music shape your life? 







  1. I have always loved all types of music. I recently spent a month with a friend who fell and was injured. She does not like listening to the radio in the car or at home. I really missed it. The radio has not turned off since I returned home. I loved the 60's and 70's rock music and the 80's alternative. Think it keeps me young mentally. Glad you had fun at the concert.

    1. I understand! it's funny how much music influences us and shapes our attitudes and moods.


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