Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Whodunnit U Remains Undefeated- Orientation to this Unique University

The Silver Sleuths at Whodunnit University (WU) are holding tight to their perfect record, remaining undefeated in this, the fifth week of collegiate football.

Whodunnit University prepares writers to put together well-crafted mystery and suspense novels as well as short stories. “Anyone can attend WU for the month of October tuition free,” University President, Dr. Rebecca Waters shared at a recent press conference.

Potential students of mystery and suspense are encouraged to participate each week in the online study program hosted by Whodunnit U during the month of October.

Week one begins today. Participants are asked to name their favorite mystery or suspense character. “The university will accept characters from books, television, movies, or plays. You may also include characters from courtroom thrillers,” Waters said. “Leave the names of the character(s) you’ve chosen in the comments section below.”

One additional assignment for the week requires participants to think about an idea for a short story or novel.  “Next week we’ll be asking you to share your idea in 110 characters or less. You don’t need to give it all away. Be as general as you like for this assignment. We merely want to begin to tap into your creative side and get you thinking. We at Whodunnit University are always looking for new writing talent,” Waters shared.

Writing talent? What about football talent? How has WU managed to not lose a single game in their short history? “It’s easy,” Waters said. “We actually don’t have a team. Of course we don’t’ really have a university, either.”

Ahh…mystery solved.

However, the mythical school will offer an online course over the next three weeks for writers interested in learning more about composing their own mystery or suspense.

October 12th—You will receive your Mystery 101 course syllabus. Take time to read and study the art of writing outlined in the syllabus.

October 19th—Whodunnit U will host visiting professor, Lillian Duncan, whose latest release, Game On, is doing well in the suspense market.

October 26- Final Exam: Have fun with it. It won’t be graded. You’ve already earned your “A.”

By the end of the four weeks, you will have resources, ideas, and the nugget of an idea to develop into a novel during November…whether you participate in NaNoWriMo or not!

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