Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Taking Care of Business in this Writer's World

I generally take the last Wednesday of the month to reflect—on life, writing, or whatever strikes my fancy. Today, however,  I want to address a few business items regarding the blog. Hint: Exciting stuff happening these next two months.

Starting next week, we will engage in a four-week session aimed at setting up a mystery or suspense novel. If you have ever wanted to draft this type of book or if you’re curious to peek behind the scenes to see how writers accomplish weaving those complicated plots—those twists and turns that keep us turning the pages and checking to make sure the front door is locked—then join us on this adventure.

I call it Whodunnit University. The structure of this crash course may look a bit familiar to a few of you. I originally set up Whodunnit U for November 2014.  I loaded the posts into the blog site and hit the button to schedule them. I did this because I intended to participate in NaNoWriMo that year. As many of you know, my husband died on October 29th. I did not participate in—well, much of anything for a long time. Only a few people checked in with the “course” in writing mystery and suspense.

It is time to bring Whodunnit U back to the forefront. If you are thinking about writing for NaNoWriMo in November, these next four posts will help you outline your draft.

Last November I featured an Ohio author each week. You can check those posts out here:

This blog is, and has always been aimed at helping people new to the writing game. In keeping with that mission, this November I am thankful to have four followers preparing a post for A Novel Creation during the month. I can’t wait. I don’t know exactly how these up and coming authors will address the challenge, but I do know some of the ideas they’re kicking around.

First up will be Joshua Curran of Ohio. Joshua has identified three theme songs of his life. After reading his post, you will be challenged to seek the theme songs representing your own life. 
The following Wednesday will feature the writing of artist/author Robin Mason. Robin, a resident of South Carolina, will talk about art. The first two posts, as you can see will challenge us to stretch ourselves creatively.

The remaining writers include Nancy Hallo of Florida and Laura Wood of Nebraska. Nancy will be talking about overcoming obstacles to pursue your dream. Laura will take us along on her writing journey.

Of course, I’ve left the topic and style of presentation up to each contributor. It will be fun to see what they write. In the interim, be sure to check in next week for our first session of Whodunnit U! this is going to be fun! 

Oh and the school colors are black and white and red all over! (In case you want to dress to show your team spirit!) that red or read? 

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