Wednesday, April 3, 2019

New Meaning to "Let Go and Let God'

I’ll be up front. I’m not perfect. You knew that but I want you to know I know it. Like the characters in my books, I’m flawed.I may talk a good game, but sometimes that’s all it is…talk. 

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For example, I believe in turning everything over to God.I really do believe that. I counsel others to turn their problems over to God. But do I do it? Mostly. Not all the time. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I shared that my camper was badly damaged? I prayed about it and turned it over to God. I trusted Him to take care of everything. I felt a sense of peace that all would ultimately work out. 

Then last week I wrote about my books –fifty copies of Libby’s Cuppa Joe coming from my publisher –had not arrived. I knew they would eventually get here, but instead of turning their delivery over to God, I asked Him to give me patience as I waited for them. There’s a difference.

Each day as I prayed to be patient…instead of praying for the books to arrive safely, I found myself becoming ever more anxious. By the end of the week I had the tracking number memorized. 

I found myself so concerned about the books I was practically paralyzed. I couldn’t concentrate on my current writing project. I spent my mornings watching the clock and listening for the mail truck to come my way. I took long walks in my neighborhood and noted boxes on other porches…Could those be my books delivered to the wrong house?

It was a rough week. Then on Saturday, the books arrived. It seems they took a little “vacay” in California. But they’d had a rough journey home and a few were damaged. 

This time I took a different stand. I remembered to truly turn it over to God. I sent an email to my publisher right away even though I knew he likely wouldn’t see it until Monday morning. 

And I let it go. 

My Poor Books Were a Jumbled Mess!
That doesn’t mean I didn’t think about it. I simply let God take care of the worrying about it. My publisher is very supportive and helpful. As soon as he read my email he took over. He got on the phone with the printer and started the process to replace my books. 

Understand, I don’t think it was the publisher’s fault. Maybe not even the printer’s. I blame it on something that happened en route. 

I’ve had so many experiences where God has my back. So many times where I’ve given everything over to Him and let go of the worry or anxious feelings coming with trouble. I know He has my back. I know He’s there for me. I know. 

You’d think with all of that, letting go of my worries would be easy. It should be. But as I said at the start...I’m flawed. Sometimes I simply take everything that is out of my control and put it all on my shoulders... as if my fretting about it will change things.

I’m a work in progress. I may have asked God for patience this week, but what I really should be doing is praising Him for being ever so patient with me.

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