Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Ohio: The Magnet State

I’m from Florida.At least that’s what I’ve always said. 
I was born in Ohio, lived in Arizona a while, moved back to Ohio, then to Florida. 

Picture Of a Tree in My Backyard in FL
I understand why I usually say I’m from Florida. I went to high school there. That’s where I got my first driver’s license and where I lived when I started dating. I went to the University of South Florida. I got married in Florida and my first two children were born there. Tom and I bought our first house in Florida.

All of the “rites of passage” pieces from childhood to adulthood took place for me in Florida.

We had just had our second daughter when the research team Tom was a part of decided to move. The choices were Texas or Ohio. Cincinnati, Ohio to be specific. I was born in the neighboring town of Hamilton. I had family in the area. Moving to Cincinnati would also mean Tom could complete his Masters degree at the University of Cincinnati in biomechanical engineering. 

When the team decided Cincinnati was the best place to continue their groundbreaking research in the treatment of spinal cord injury, it was for us, as they say, a no-brainer. But Florida was our home. Our parents and Tom’s siblings lived there. We waved good-bye and promised to return in a year or so after Tom finished his degree. 

That was in 1978.

And except for our retirement when we returned to Florida, Ohio has been “home” for four decades. Ohio is still home. I lived for a while in Europe, but when I returned, it was to Ohio. I’ve decided Ohio is a magnet state. It draws me back time and time again.

A Conch and My UC Turtleneck
Ohio to Arizona, then back to Ohio.
Ohio to Florida, then back to Ohio.
Ohio to Florida again, then back to Ohio.
Ohio to Kosovo, then back to Ohio.

Yep, Ohio is my home. I’m proud of it…even though I am from Florida. 

Where are you from? 

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