Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A Cup Full of "Thankful"

Early in the 1970’s, my husband took me to the computer lab on the University of South Florida campus. He carried his stack of punched cards to a woman at the desk to run through the computer. He pointed to what looked to me to be a huge bank of metal cabinets.

“Look at that, Bec,” he said. “One day we’ll have a computer in our house. Can you imagine that?”

I couldn’t.  

But Tom was right. We had several computers through the years. None were as big as the monstrosity in that computer lab. In fact, my current computer is smaller than the spiral notebook I carried with me to any of my university classes.   

Where is this going? 

During my March Mug Month I’ve been reflecting on the messages my collection of coffee mugs convey. Last week I shared my “You’ll Get Through This” mug. It seemed appropriate for the pandemic sweeping the world. 

Self-isolation may well be the watchword for the long haul. 

I’ve embraced the time to paint, clean, write, organize, and do all those things I say I wish I had time to do. So far, so good. I’m fully aware that for some people, self-isolation may foster feelings of anxiety, loneliness, or even depression. 

One psychologist recommended that during this time everyone should write down three things for which they are thankful every night. Not a bad idea. Anytime.

It made me realize how thankful I am for my cell phone, computer, and the internet. During this time of uncertainty, I’ve missed my friends and family, but I’ve enjoyed daily conversations on the phone and playing a game of Farkle with my mother and two of my daughters via a Face Time conference call. Last night my youngest granddaughter called to read me a bedtime story. She’s in first grade.

I’m keeping up with friends on Facebook. Through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I’m celebrating the birth of new babies and birthdays, and laughing at the creative memes my circle of friends share on a regular basis. I can choose how much news I want to watch and when I want to see it. 

I can attend church online. More than one if I choose. My Tuesday morning Bible study group is going to an online platform for our new study. Seeing and hearing my friends on my computer screen was refreshing. (I will admit though, the GoToMeeting platform, with our faces posted in rows across the screen made me feel as though I were part of The Brady Bunch.)

Although as a young bride, I couldn’t imagine having a computer in my home, I am thankful for that technology. For such a time as this.

Last Christmas, my daughter Danielle gave me this Thankful mug. It is so appropriate for my March Mug Month lineup. But it begs the question: What are you thankful for during this crazy time in our world?

And don’t forget to send me a picture of your favorite mug. Tell me why you like it. You’ll be entered into the drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card.


  1. What a lovely mug.

    I hope you stay healthy!

    1. Thank you and I certainly hope you stay home and stay safe as well.


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