Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Wildflowers or Roses? The Power of One Small Word

Here we are a quarter of the year behind us. I’ve spent most of that time (11 weeks to be exact) addressing our thinking. I looked at how we can improve our brainpower and how the way we think about ourselves is shaped by everything from the movies we watch to the music we enjoy.


But that first week of 2021, I encouraged my readers to choose a word for the year. It’s time to check in. 


I chose the word “BE.” I described it as “small,” “inconsequential,” and “weak.”


I was wrong. I don’t have all the answers yet and I’m certain I will learn more as the year progresses, but any word that can give you a true and abiding sense of peace is anything but weak, and certainly not one to describe as inconsequential. 


I revisited my word on a recent trip to the grocery. I stopped at the bank first. The screen at the drive through advertised a number of services the bank offered. Then a screen came up with the “word of the day.” The word was “idyllic.” It was posted with the picture of a garden of wild flowers. Under the word was the definition:  Extremely happy; Peaceful; Picturesque



“Now why didn’t I choose a word like that?” I asked myself. (I obviously said it out loud because the bank teller asked if I needed anything else.)


I thanked him and drove off to the grocery thinking about the word of the day, “idyllic” and wondering about my small, silly word for the year, “BE.”


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” we ask children. Personally, I remember wishing I never had to grow up. I enjoyed childhood.


“Where do you hope to be in five years?” we hear in interviews. Five years? I fielded that question. My inner thought was along the lines of “Working here! Hire me!”


Yet here I am. A grownup. An author, a speaker, and a writing coach.  


I walked through the grocery picking up the few items I needed for the weekend. I can’t tell you the exact event that triggered my next thought. It was more of an insight. A feeling. It was a feeling of acceptance. 


Somewhere between the English muffins and avocados, I realized I am exactly where I want to be. Not in the grocery store per se. In life.


I am content in being who I am. Right now.


My life may be more wild flowers than roses, but as the sign at the bank pointed out, wild flowers are indeed, idyllic.


How are you doing with your word for the year? I look forward to your comments.


You didn’t choose one? It isn’t too late. And if you missed the post in January about choosing a word for the year, you can find it HERE.






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