Tuesday, November 23, 2021

A Knot Head for Thanksgiving

A Knot Head For Thanksgiving 

“She had big blue eyes and dark wavy hair…

And a knot on her head, but we didn’t care.”


Yep, that was me. It is part of a poem my mother wrote about me the year I was born. I was born with a knot on the crown of my head. It didn’t bother my parents. They loved me anyway. 


I am sporting a new knot or two on my forehead this Thanksgiving. I was a bit dehydrated and passed out. Oh, how I hate to type those words. It makes me feel like a klutz… an “old” klutz. 


But there were some good things to ponder; Some “Thanks-Giving” to be had. For instance:


·      I didn’t damage the door jamb I thumped with my noggin.

·     The blood and subsequent vomit were all in one tidy puddle on the tile floor making for easy cleanup.

·     My daughter was a phone call away.

·     My good friend drove me to the hospital.

·     The hospital was not at all busy, so they took me in immediately.

·     My stay lasted only about four hours.

·     They did a CAT scan and found my brain was fine…no cats.

·     They did an EKG and my heart is good.

·     They drew blood…left me enough to keep going and determined my blood is good. (Good enough, I guess. I don’t actually do “medi-speak” so I trust them when they gave me these reports.)

·     My mom spent the night with me and cared for me…like old times.


By the way, the knot on the back of my head as a baby vanished and I trust the one on my forehead will as well. Here is that part of the poem:


“A few months later, those blue eyes were brown,

The knot had vanished and she was the cutest baby in town.”


Yeah, well, remember it was written by my mama…

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