Tuesday, January 18, 2022

C is for Celebrate

 C is for Celebrate...Not for Covid


It isn’t every day a woman celebrates her 90th birthday. Nine decades of life. Nine/tenths of a century. 


My mom, now nine decades young, celebrates every day. She knows the secret to a happy life.


This past week (on Martin Luther King Day) my mom, Nora, celebrated her ninetieth year of life. She told me long ago she did not want a party. 


“A surprise party for a ninety-year-old? Don’t do it!” She told me. “If you choose, you have my permission to give me a tasteful reception when I turn a hundred.”


I pictured the reception at church held for her dear friend, Velda, when she turned a hundred-years-old. Tasteful. I tucked away a plan for the year 2032 in my mind and set about thinking how to recognize mom’s 90th.


My three daughters and I discussed several ideas. We decided to host a series of small celebrations. Each of my girls would treat G.G. to a small family dinner. We knew she would appreciate the time with each family. She loves her grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

By the way, the name G.G. came when she became a Great-Grandma and stuck. Now even people outside the family sometimes call her G.G.


We had a few other plans in the works as well, when, rather suddenly, Covid started ramping up again in Ohio. 


Plan B. Plan B was decided via a Zoom meeting of the minds the Thursday before the weekend events. My middle daughter, Danielle, and her family were Covid free. The plan was for them to travel from Wisconsin and celebrate with G.G. the weekend of her birthday. The others would celebrate when things calmed down here.


Plan C. Plan C emerged when Covid reared its ugly head and Danielle’s crew couldn’t come to Ohio due to the youngest of her clan coming down with the nasty virus.


There would be no small gathering of individual families. Instead, we played games on the computer together while face-timing on our cell phones. And yes, the 90-year-old is all into the computer games and face-time. 


Now our plans included breakfast at G.G.’s house with me (Mom and I have been around each other throughout all of this.) and my oldest daughter on Monday morning. Three of us instead of the usual sixteen.


We set up the Zoom and G.G. opened her gift box. A box filled with letters, cards, and small gifts from people all over the country who know and love my mama. I had asked people to send me cards and notes to include in the box. There were gifts as well.


·     A tiara with “90” on it as well as a sash worthy of any beauty queen.

·     A sweatshirt my oldest made that reads “God’s Favorite 90 years and counting”

·     A small hummingbird feeder

·     A suncatcher

·     A new novel by Sandra Hart

·     A bag of shuck beans


I may have missed something. I hope not. 


However, the point is simple. Remember I told you in the beginning my mom knows the secret of a happy life? 


Love people. Go with the flow. And above all else, put your trust in Jesus.


Might I add…Always be willing to embrace Plan C. After all, “C” is for Celebrate.



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