Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Breathe Deep

 Breathe Deep: Saltwater Therapy for …Anything


Although I was born in Ohio, I have always thought of myself as a Florida girl. All of those events that a person experiences, those “rites of passage” from childhood to adulthood, took place in or around Tampa, Florida.


I graduated from high school in Florida (Go Chamberlain!). 

I got my driver’s license in Florida. 

I had my first date in Florida. And last.

I got married in Florida.

I graduated from college in Florida.

My two oldest daughters were born in Florida.


I am a Florida girl.


As such, I understand the healing power of sunshine and saltwater. 


Maybe that’s why I was reluctant to reschedule my trip to South Carolina so soon after my bout with COVID. I try to get to the condo for a week or two before the vacation season starts. I like to get things ready for summer guests.


While in South Carolina, the words of my late husband came to me. “Breathe deep.”


“Breathe deep” was one of Tom’s Go-To statements. 


You fell on the sidewalk and skinned your knee? “Breathe deep.”

You fell on the ski slope and broke your knee? “Breathe deep.”


Anxious about a situation? “Breathe deep.”

Facing a problem at school or work? “Breathe deep.”


Facing a crisis in writing? “ Breathe deep.”

Having a baby? “Breathe deep.”


Tom’s words of wisdom washed over me the second or third morning of my stay in Myrtle Beach. They were words to calm and words to heal. So as I stood on the balcony watching the sunrise over the ocean, I closed my eyes and did my best to “breathe deep.” 


And as it turns out, you don’t need to actually swim in the saltwater to redeem the healing benefits of the salt air. COVID hit me hard. Breathing has been a chore. Yet with each day on the beach I am feeling stronger and more confident. 


The water may be a bit too nippy for swimming, but dipping my toes in the rolling surf or letting a runaway wave level off and creep up on the sand to lick at my feet makes me laugh. And laughter is almost always good for the soul. 



Saltwater, salt air, and sunshine is good therapy for…well…anything. Breathe deep. I should know. I’m a Florida girl.

Author's Note: On day 10 of my quarantine, a friend came to my house. I masked up and we took a walk in my neighborhood. It was a short walk, but taxing on my oxygen deprived body. I had to stop several times. I pressed on, but not to the point of exhaustion. That night I slept soundly. I woke up feeling stronger. I attribute that to getting my lungs working again. I am certainly not an expert on COVID. I share my personal experiences in the hope that others will find help and encouragement. Also, if you want that "saltwater effect" and can't get near the ocean, you may want to try a saline nasal spray you can find at your local pharmacy. Use as directed.  

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