Tuesday, July 5, 2022

It's Not a Dog's Life

 It’s NOT a Dog’s Life


I looked up the meaning of “It’s a dog’s life.” What I found surprised me. 





Unhappy or miserable?


I always thought our pets had a great life. In my mind, they had it made. We loved them, fed them, cared for them, entertained them (though not as much as they entertained us) and did our best to make them happy.


This week I have spent a lot of time with my “grandogger,” Kiwi. Her life isn’t difficult. Oh, sure, she sleeps in a cage, but she feels secure there. She has great food and lots of love. She has a big yard to explore. And toys. The dog has a ton of toys. That's okay. She enjoys them all.


Kiwi is like a baby who loves to be cuddled. A toddler who needs attention. A child desperately wanting to do grown-up stuff, but is not quite ready. 


Kiwi was a shelter dog. She’s is a great companion to my granddaughters. While they are vacationing, she is now a great companion for me.


Max Lightening the Wonder Dog, Max for short, was the best dog I ever knew. He cared for us. I was convinced he could read our minds. He was obedient and loving and smart. He was part of our family. 


After spending a bit of time with Kiwi, I’m ready to dub her Kiwi the Wonder Dog. She’s still finding her way, but a dog who is loved is a dog who will be a lifetime friend.


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