Tuesday, January 17, 2023

The Ones We Treasure

Last week I wrote about how to live a grand life: live simply, love deeply, play hard, sleep soundly, and forgive freely. You might think this week’s offering is a mere extension of that blog entry. It is not. It is about my mother. 

Quite simply, my mother has already mastered those very elements of living life fully and embracing each day with the joy I noted in last week’s post.


So, no, I’m not highlighting those pieces again. This week I am celebrating the woman who has had the most influence on my life. My mom. 

This week my mother celebrated her ninety-first trip around the sun.


Last year we had great plans for a big party. COVID reared its ugly head and that celebration had to be modified. Greatly. It turned out to be a fun and memorable day, even if most of the family was present via zoom.


We tossed around a few ideas for this year’s recognition of GG’s birthday (GG stands for great grandma…which she is eight times over.) My oldest granddaughter, Nora, who is by the way, named after my mother, came up with the perfect plan. 


Little Nora wanted to take GG to LaPinata, a
Mexican restaurant. So we all made our way to the local venue Sunday evening. The atmosphere was festive. The food was delicious. The company was excellent. 


And the guest of honor? GG reveled in it all. We laughed and shared stories and ate the evening away. The servers plopped a sombrero on Mom’s head and a bowl of ice cream big enough to serve at least four or five in front of her. They sang in Spanish and we all joined in on the final Ole! 


My mother’s story is one of faith, hope, and love.  It is the story of a woman who deeply cares for others. Hers is a life worth celebrating. And emulating. 


Happy Birthday, Mom! 


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If you want to read how we managed to have a great quarantined celebration last year, click on this link: C is For Celebrate


Finally, take a minute today to call or text or send a note to someone you love. Don’t wait until the birthday moment to celebrate those you treasure. 







  1. Happy Birthday Sweet, Beautiful Nora! What a wonderful way to celebrate a wonderful woman! Love you Nora and Becky!😘💕🥳🎈

  2. Happy Birthday Aunt Nora, not only are the the best GG, Mother, friend, matriarch of our family, but one of the most loving person I have ever known. God gave you such a precious gift, the gift of LOVE for all. Your truly an inspiration to everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing you-
    You’re beautiful loving daughter is truly blessed to call you mother- ❤️

    1. Oh so sweet! Thank you and I'll be sure Mom sees this!


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