Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Sight Unseen

 Sight Unseen


As my readers know, I am getting married this month. It is a major step in anyone’s life. I am entering this marriage prayerfully and with a total sense of both peace and joy.


Mike and I will be spending most of our time in Florida. We wanted a place to live we can call our own. The same week Mike proposed, we started our search for a home that would suit us. 

Our first stop was a beautiful piece of property with a ton of potential. Getting it zoned to divide the acreage and build a house turned out to be a more daunting task than we thought. After our realtor, Jake Yates, did most of the legwork, we abandoned the idea. 


While my mother and I were in Florida in February, Mike and I toured several homes in the area we thought we might like. The process helped us hone in on not only what we wanted, but what we really needed. While a couple of the places were in the running, one stood out as stellar. It was a nice home on three acres. It had a great shop for Mike’s hobbies and equipment. We both liked it. But God had something else in mind.


How do I know that? 


The house went under contract before we were ready to make the offer. I headed back to Ohio and we continued our search. 


Then one day, my future sister-in-law spotted a potential house for us. She and Mike took an afternoon drive to find it. They thought the house was empty so they walked around. (By the way, it was occupied.)


This house is not in the same area where we had looked before.

It does not have as nice of a shop as the one we liked. But it does have one.

And…it is on a lake. A big lake. (I should probably point out here we are both people who love the water.)


Mike made an appointment with Jake, our awesome realtor, to view the house. He sent me a link so I could see pictures of the place, both inside and out, online.


We talked it over and made an offer. Our offer was accepted and the inspection process was underway. 


I have yet to see the house in person. 


It may be a little cozy...but...

he assures me it has a great view...

“Yes,” I tell my friends, “I’m willing to buy this house sight unseen.”

“How can you do that?” they ask. “You’re talking about a huge investment.”


I am marrying Mike. I trust him with my life. I trust him with my future. I trust him to always have my back. I trust him as my partner for "as long as we both shall live." I trust him with my family. My grandchildren. Trust is the real investment.


Buying a house? That is nothing in comparison to our partnership in life. A house is brick and mortar. People make it a home.


So while I have not yet seen the house… I know the man. I’ve not walked the house’s footprint… but I am already falling in step with Mike…and he with me. We are on this journey together. 

Oh... and the pictures above? Not the house. Not his workshop. A sweet little "she-shed" on the property and our back yard view. Here's the real deal:







  1. I love it! The story and the house🎈

    1. Thank you! I think it will be perfect ...for us.

  2. Lovely points and lovely house!


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