Tuesday, April 18, 2023

What's in a Name?

 What’s in a Name?


On April 14th I changed my name to Mrs. Tyler. Rebecca Tyler. I like it. I even like “Becky Tyler” though I think it sounds like a pioneer woman from the 1800’s. 


Name changing is a big deal in two ways. There is the process and there is the commitment.


Here is a look at the PROCESS of changing my name from Waters to Tyler.


Fortunately, I do not have to update my passport. Since a passport is good for ten years, I can take a copy of my marriage certificate with me if I travel to “show the chain of change.” And…I will continue to publish under Rebecca Waters. But that’s akin to having a pen name.


Everything else? I will be spending the next several months dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s” on numerous forms and applications.


To change my name, I’ll need my marriage certificate. I then have to change my information with the Social Security Administration. Once that is done, I will get my new driver’s license. 


Info on my house, bank accounts, insurance, credit cards…everything will need to be updated. EVERYTHING. 


Doctors, dentists, medical records. All of it will eventually need to be filed under my new name.


It’s a process. A time consuming, crazy, process.  And as crazy as it appears, I’m not complaining.


You see, it is my choice.


Quite simply, there is no law specifying that a woman must change her current name to her husband’s surname.  None.


So why would I want to subject myself to the hassle? That’s the COMMITMENT piece.


A) The first reason is obvious. I love Mike Tyler and I am honored to wear his name.


B) The second reason is perhaps less obvious to many: I have eight grandchildren.


You see, I NEVER want to give the appearance of impropriety. I never want anyone, especially my grandchildren, to ever think I am living with Mike without being married. 


I believe if you commit to someone and give yourself over to that person completely, you get married. Marriage is a time honored, God ordained institution. 

So we will carry one name. I will be recognized as Mike's wife...his partner in life's journey.

Marriage is more than a ceremony. Marriage is a promise.

What is in the name? By carrying the Tyler name, I am promising to be the best wife I can be to Mike. It is my promise to honor him and love him.

And by giving me his name, Mike is promising to love and protect me. He is giving of himself to me.

So what is in a name? It turns out...EVERYTHING.


  1. You are absolutely correct! Love it! May the Lord richly bless you both in this marriage. Enjoy your honeymoon and congratulations again!❤️
    Carol Williams

  2. I’m so happy for you! He must be a wonderful guy!! Love seeing Danielle playing her horn!!!! ❤️

  3. Congratulations! Very happy for both of you.

  4. You look so very happy. Congratulations.

    1. Ahhh...Thank you, Cindy! I am most certainly happy!

  5. I am in total agreement and well said! Larry and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary on Sunday, the 21st, right after 2nd service in the chapel. Mr. And Mrs. Tyler are cordially invited! 💕

    1. You are precious! Mike and I live in Florida right now. But I celebrate your anniversary!


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