Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Lake Rules

 Lake Rules


Mike and I recently purchased a house. It is our first home together. It’s pretty exciting. It's on a huge lake. Some of my readers may remember the post where I shared that we purchased the house without me seeing it. (If you missed that one, click HERE.) 


It’s true. The final walk through before signing our names on the bottom line was the first time I saw the house in person. Inside, that is. 

We did manage to do a “drive by” when we came to Florida after the wedding and were able to sneak a peak in the backyard on another day. Shhh…not sure we were supposed to do that but the owner had moved out so we took a chance.

View From the Water


I saw the actual inside of the house the day before closing. As of this writing, we have not yet moved in…but we’re heading in that direction. I’ll likely share some photos or stories from the lake house at that point.


For this week's post I wanted to share some observations about our new residence and our very connected life.


We married and returned to Florida a couple of weeks before my birthday. We did the drive by a couple of days after the wedding and just a few days before leaving for our honeymoon on Islamorada in the Florida Keys.


Knowing how excited I was about this new chapter of our lives, on my birthday, my sister-in-law gave me a wood wall hanging for our new home. Each slat spells out a specific “rule” for the lake.


Rule #1 Go Barefoot

            I’ve got this one. Barefoot is my go-to both inside and out.


Rule#2 Read a Book

            Not a bad idea. I love to read though perhaps I should be directing more attention to writing one! Nah…we’re talking about dangling those bare feet off the dock with a sweet book to read under the spring sun. I’m in.


Rule #3 Jump Off the Dock

            Hmm…I may wait for summer for this one. But I’m sure to swim in the lake. It is clear and beautiful. While on our inspection tour, Mike spotted a fourteen or fifteen inch bass lazily making its way through the water at the end of the dock. I’m sure that ol’ fish will share his swimming hole with us.


Rule #4 Catch Fireflies

            Been there. Done that. But I know of eight grandchildren…or at least six of the  eight grands who might still be interested in seeing how many fireflies they can catch.


Rule #5 Watch the Sunset

            This one should be spectacular! The back of our house faces west. I can hardly wait.

Our first piece of "art" for the house.
Thank you, Karen.


Rule #6 Go Fishing

            I’m looking forward to this one. Several weeks before our wedding, Mike sent me a picture of the rods and reels he ordered for me. It’s been a while since I fished, but I’ll be alongside one of the best fishermen I know…my husband. (He actually fished several state tournaments and could have decided to make that his life’s work had he wanted to do so.)


Rule #7 Build a Bonfire

            Easy-Peasy. Especially since we have some brush and wood to clear up in the backyard. But a bonfire isn’t just about clearing the land. It’s about gathering in the evening after a satisfying day on the water, roasting marshmallows and sharing stories.


Rule #8 Make Memories

            This one is my favorite. This new phase of my life…this unexpected turn to share a life with this incredible man…is in itself a treasure. Breathing the evening air by the water, waking up to the sound of the birds, playing and working side-by-side at our new home…what else could you want? 


Make memories? Absolutely. Memories are the treasure chest of a life well lived


  1. Thanks Rebecca! Love your posts & blog info /reflections. So happy for you & Mike. Nice to remember the sweet air & living lakes there, too 😄💗💐🍀

    1. Thank you, Chris! It is certainly an exciting time in our lives!

  2. That’s wonderful!💗😊

  3. So happy for you guys! Hope your new home is all you want and more! ❤️

    1. Thank you so much! And I appreciate both you reading the post and commenting. That encourages me as a writer!


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