Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Plodding Along at a Gallop

Plodding Along at a Gallop 

It is Tuesday evening. It has been a busy week. I should be going to bed, but here I sit trying to create a blog post. For tomorrow. Yes, I said tomorrow. It’s not that I don’t have plenty to write about. As I said, it has been a busy week.


This is the first week since the wedding I have been back in Ohio to see my family here. I arrived a week ago and Mike joined me on Friday.

It has been a good week.


We were able to time our visit so that we could celebrate my grandson’s graduation with family and friends. 

We took the opportunity to go to my youngest daughter’s house and see the progress she and her husband have made on their remodeling (read: rebuilding) project. 

We enjoyed a “pizza night” with my mom.

We saw a few friends at our Ohio church.


Connecting with our Ohio family and friends is good, but we had work to do as well. 


Now that we have a home in Florida, we knew there were a few items we needed to bring from the Ohio house to our new house on the lake. It has been a week to sort and pack and rethink our needs. 


I had to go to the bank and a few other places to change my name. Officially.


Mike was busy, too. He fixed the riding lawn mower and cut the tall grass. Even that small project involved a trip to a couple of stores for parts. We had some other maintenance projects to address, so our few days in Ohio have been packed with activity.


Isn’t it the way of life? If we are moving forward, we are in a constant state of change. It can be tiring or invigorating, depending on your viewpoint.


As I type this, I am looking forward to a sound night of sleep before we begin our trek back to Florida, yet, I am energized. 


We are not plodding along in life waiting for whatever happens next. We are taking steps forward. Like my grandson, Spencer, we have “graduated” from one phase of life experiences and are taking on new challenges as we build a life together.

The year ahead is filled with promise. 

What will the rest of 2023 bring? I don't know, but each day I pray for the challenges to become positive experiences. How about you? 





  1. Thanks ~ always a pleasure to get your thoughts Rebecca!! This morning I looked through a box of photos (1985- 87) & was delighted to be reminded of how happy we were ~our first daughter born in ‘85! Lotza changes moving & making new were about us!! Glad you & Mike are enjoying it all. God’s continued blessings 😊🙏🥰

    1. Thank you, Chris! We are certainly on an adventure!

  2. Love ❤️ prayers for safe drive home.


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