Tuesday, June 27, 2023

The Cool Kids

 Out to Eat With “The Cool Kids”


My husband, Mike, and I attended the same high school. We graduated the same year. We knew many of the same people. 

Some of our fellow students were “cool kids.” Some of the “cool kids” were friends of mine, though I never was what I would call “cool.” 

Mike says he wasn’t one of the cool kids either. 


Not being one of the “cool kids” didn’t matter to us. Though the two of us never dated each other in school or even traveled much in the same social circles back then, we were both people who pretty much accepted ourselves for who we were. We were alike in that way.


Then, this past April, we married.  I’ll put a link in at the bottom of this post about our wedding.


We bought a house and moved to Inverness. Our house is on the Tsala Apopka Chain of Lakes. We are loving it! 


ü The view is beautiful.

ü  I’m learning to really fish. (Not just throw a line in the water with a worm on the other end.)

ü  There is an unequaled peacefulness about this place.

ü  It is fun to pick out furniture and make this our home.


Those are only a few reasons we wake up each morning feeling blessed beyond measure.


Recently, Mike suggested we go out for lunch. It had been a rough week. My car had to spend over a week in the shop. Life without wheels is tough. Sure, I drove the truck to the store, but I was still frustrated without my own little car. There were computer issues as well. That is never a good thing. My sleep was off, so I was tired.


When Mike suggested we go out for lunch, my spirits lifted. A mid-week date? Now that’s fun. 

He gave me two choices. Both were great venues, but one was one I’d only heard of, never tried. The other, Lollygaggers, is a favorite of ours, but we had just been there after church on Sunday.


I chose the new one. It’s called The Cove. It isn’t far from our house.


The Cove is a great restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere and delicious food. I was excited to try it. Mike had been there one other time right after we bought the house, but before our wedding. I was still in Ohio. 


We climbed into the boat and took off. The sun was shining. The breeze was blowing. 

As we skimmed across the water to the restaurant, I turned to Mike and said, “I don’t know about you, but I feel like one of the “cool kids.”


We slowed down to pull into the waterway leading to the restaurant. Actually, there are two water routes. One is for airboats and one for powerboats. You can get to the waterfront venue by car as well, but where’s the fun in that? 


Our "Road" to the Cove Restaurant

We “parked” the boat, tying it to a cypress root and hiked the shady path to the restaurant. The atmosphere was fun and the food delicious. 

We Were Early, So Parking Wasn't a Problem

I can’t think of anything better than a lunch date at “The Cove” via a boat ride.


It took us less than ten minutes or so to get there…and only some fifty years or so become the “cool kids.” 

But the wait was worth it.

Yep, that's the restaurant
peeking through the Cypress Trees

Here's that link I promised about our wedding: CLICK HERE There are a few pictures from the event at the end of that post.



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