Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Seize the Day

 Seize the Moment


Last week I wrote about “brain breaks.” We all need them from time to time. You may think this post is an extension of that one. But it isn’t. 


This past week, when my husband and I had taken the dogs out to the back yard, we sat down on the swing. The weather was perfect. Sunny and warm. With the slightest breeze.


We were sitting there chatting when Mike said, “Want to do something?”

 “Yeah.” I looked around.  “Want to go for a boat ride?”

He smiled. “We could do that.”


I ran inside for the key to the boat while Mike headed to the dock so he could lower our sweet little bay boat from its perch on the lift into the clear lake water. A few minutes later we were heading out of our cove into Lake Henderson. 


We explored a part of the over 422 acre lake we hadn’t yet checked out, sped along the glistening waterway and took note of those places only an airboat could cross the tall grass near the edge. 


We were out in the middle of the lake, close to lunchtime, when Mike turned to me. “You hungry?”


I knew what he was thinking. “You have money?”

He patted his pocket. “Right here.”

Waterway to "The Cove"
“I’m in.”


With that, Mike pushed the throttle forward and we headed for one of our favorite restaurants, The Cove. We had wanted to go back there ever since the water levels had changed. Our chain of lakes is controlled by the Southwest Florida Water Management team. We have a series of locks leading to other lakes in the chain so the water levels can be controlled. They are in use during either particularly dry or excessively wet seasons. 


To get to The Cove restaurant by boat requires ample water to navigate a water passage to the establishment’s property. Earlier in the season, the water was too low for us to access the restaurant by water. 


Mike slowed the boat down as we entered the waterway. No problem. We saw a couple of pontoon boats parked along the bank, pulled up by a row of trees and climbed out. We arrived at the right time, after the lunch rush, and were seated immediately. Mike and I both ordered the Reuben with The Cove’s incredible homemade chips.


No. This is not an ad for the restaurant, though I highly recommend it.


This post is a challenge for my readers to seize the moment.


A few months ago, while I was in Ohio visiting the family, Mike called his good friend, Charlie to check in on how he was doing, was in our part of Florida. 

Charlie's house is pretty far south of us, but as it turned out, he was now on his way north to his place in Georgia, Mike invited him to spend the night at our house. He told him that way he could get up the next morning and, feeling refreshed, would make it home before lunch. 


So Charlie stayed. 

He and Mike went out to eat for supper that evening and enjoyed great conversation until night fell and Charlie climbed into our guestbed.


It was the last time Mike saw his friend.


This week, my sweet husband traveled to Georgia to attend Charlie’s funeral. Charlie lost his battle with illness linked to his service and training at Camp LeJeune. 

He was sixty-one. 


Embrace every opportunity to share life with those you love.

Don’t just look out the window at the sunshine. Get out in it.


And remember, you don’t have to travel to a theme park or a major venue to have a great day. 

Sometimes the most memorable experiences in life may be as close as your own backyard. Or at the kitchen table.






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