Tuesday, March 12, 2024

20 Ways to Keep From Writing Your Blog

  Twenty Ways to Keep From Writing Your Blog

Twenty ways to keep from writing a blog post on time while renovating your house… Since obviously, being totally distracted living in a house with plywood countertops, an almost finished fireplace, and a missing vanity, you still need to craft a blog post.

Here’s the list:


1)   Forget where you put your computer when the floor guys were installing your new floor.


2)   Find your computer and decide to play a game while you think about the blog.


3)   Take a walk so you get a few steps in. Everyone knows exercise and fresh air helps you think. 


4)   While you are out, chat with a few neighbors. It

       is important to be neighborly.


5)   Go to the refrigerator…relocated on the porch during your renovation… for some cold water. 


6)    Decide on sweet tea instead.


7)    With potato chips.


8)    Find something interesting on television.


9)    Wash your hands after eating way too many



10)   Sit down at your computer, determined to write

        a stellar blog post. 


11)    Stare at the computer.


12)    Let the dog out.


13)    Let the dog back in.


14)    Sit back down at your computer. 


15)    Notice there is a bit of dust on the end table 

         by the couch. Dust  anything that doesn’t



16)    Meet the Habitat for Humanity truck so they

         can load up the dishwasher, sinks, and ceiling

         fans you no longer need.


17)    Watch your husband cook dinner on the grill.

         Because… during the construction mess you

         have no stove. (Well, you have one,

         but it is in the garage.)


18)    Watch your husband wash dishes in the garage

         utility sink since your new kitchen sink isn’t 

          installed yet.


19)    Laugh when your husband comes up with a

        workable dish drainer system. Hey the tools

        weren’t using that pegboard anyway.


20)    Look at your list. Decide that’s good enough for one day. Join your husband to watch the sunset over the water.


The truth? Our contractor is doing a stellar job. All is falling into place as planned. Yes, living in the house during the remodel has been a challenge, but well worth it. By next week’s post, we expect to be enjoying our home fully. 

In the meantime, Mike is good at making it all work!

If you wash dishes in the garage, 
of course you drain them on your pegboard!

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