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Cattle Dogs

Cattle Dogs, Readers, Writers, and Musicians

 I had seen the sign “Cattle Dog” while walking around Inverness. But to be honest, I hadn’t explored that stretch of restaurants and stores since moving here last summer. 


The only cattle dog I know is a beautiful Australian Blue Heeler named Honeybee. As it turns out, Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters was named after another beautiful Australian Blue Heeler named Barney.


Our Blue Heeler, Honeybee

A Facebook friend and I connected through one of our high school online groups. Stephanie and I were a year apart and had never met, though we had several high school friends in common. We discovered we now lived fairly close to each other in Citrus County. 


After a bit of messaging, we decided to meet for a cup of coffee. Where? You guessed it, Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters in Inverness. 

Chamberlain Grads:
 That's Stephanie in Pink


Stephanie let me know she liked my writing and followed my blog. She had read Breathing on Her Own and Libby’s Cuppa Joe. And, although I’ve published in several Chicken Soup for the Soul publications as well as other articles, my heart wasn’t in my writing after Tom died in 2014. I’ve often said that the day he died, the ink ran out of my pen.


But my life is on the mend. That is in a huge part due to my husband. Mike likes my writing and encourages me in it. Because of him, my interest in writing has found new life. 


In Ohio, I was connected to a couple of writing groups. I hadn’t made that connection in Florida. I know the power of participating in such a group. Before I married Mike last April, I kept my blog going, but writing another novel? No. I had a few “fits and starts,” as they say, but nothing sustainable. 


I found renewed interest and starting churning out a couple of thousand words a day after Mike and I married and it feels good.


When Stephanie and I met at the coffee shop, she had copies of my books. She wanted my autograph. Though I was honored, I was also humbled by that request. As we talked, I shared with her how I was finally writing again. We were sitting at a little table for two near a small bookcase. We both had a brunch item and coffee and enjoyed quiet conversation about the journeys we had taken in life. Note: “quiet conversation.”


Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters

Then a band started to assemble and people started pushing tables together right next to us. We could have moved, but the band was great. They are called “Grey Denim” and played songs from our era. Stephanie and I smiled at hearing songs of the seventies. 

We didn’t stop there. We kind of sang along. I’ll admit it. 


We both pulled out our phones to catch some of the music. I mean these guys were great and... the band gave everyone present permission to take pictures and record their performance.


Grey Denim

As it turns out, the sixteen people or so who assembled next to us were there to support one of their group members who played in the band. “What kind of group?” You ask. 


A group of writers. Writers of varying genres. Writers supporting other writers. Writers who meet once a month…near me… and they call their group Citrus Writers. Their regular once-a-month meetings are on Wednesdays. This was a social event. There were men and women…writers of varying levels… all from my county in Florida gathering to enjoy a great lunch and listen to one of their own perform with the band.


I consider it an answer to prayer. I have wanted to connect with other writers in the area. 


As for Stephanie? We had great conversation and enjoyed each other’s company. We will meet again. We hope to get our spouses together as well. 


And me? I am writing. Need I say more?

*A big thank you to Sheila McDonald of Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters for sharing the coffee shop's story with me. Want to know more? Click HERE.



  1. Thank you! Mary Lu from Citrus Writers

  2. Thank you, Mary Lu! I look forward to meeting all of the group Wednesday!


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