Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Scream, Laugh, or Cry?

 Scream, Laugh, or Cry?

I choose to laugh. Today. A few days ago when my computer crashed, I cried. Not because I chose to cry. I simply couldn’t help myself. 

It is a new week.

A couple of friends called to see if we wanted to join them at Pudgee’s for lunch Friday. We pass the place every time we go to church or head south to Brooksville on US 41. We always say, “We need to check that place out.” So when Roland called to see if we wanted to join him and his wife for lunch at Pudgees, we were all in. 

Originally, Mike and I thought it was simply an ice cream store, but the place offers sandwiches with all the trimmings. Mike and I chose footlong hotdogs with fries. The food was great, but the best was time spent with our friends.  

I could post more about the afternoon, but the real story is what happened before we left the house.   

Mike wanted to empty Tiki’s litter box. I was to hold the door for him to carry it outside. I pushed the door open and stood against it to hold it ajar. By the time Mike came with the litter box, I realized I was stuck. My back beltloop was caught on the decorative door handle. Probably wouldn’t have happened if I had slipped a belt on. Anyway…

Mike put the box down and tried to free me. Not as easy as it sounds. The loop was twisted and what we didn’t realize is that the back loop is actually two loops. Why? I can’t answer that. I have no clue. Didn’t even know it until the ordeal was over. Anyway, one loop was twisted under the other and had slid down the curlicue handle and lodged itself between the metal pieces.

One loop caught the other
 and pulled it through...
Kind of like a crocheting stitch!
(Actual footage...do not try this on your own.)

Mike struggled to make sense of the knotted loop to get me out of this unusual predicament. 

“You may be going to Pudgee’s by yourself,” I told him between laughs.

“I may have to! But that’s okay. They weren’t expecting you anyway.”

He was right. Originally, I was scheduled to float down Rainbow River with Mike’s sister and her kiddos. The trip was cancelled so I was free to go to Pudgee’s. 

Well..sort of free, that is. It all sort of  "hinged"on...well...you know... the door.

“I may need to take my pants off,” I offered as a possible solution. 

“How are you going to do that, baby?” he asked. "It's not like you can jump up and out of them!" 

Hmmm… the man was right. I’m standing there in the Florida room hooked to the door at my waist. We’re both trying everything we can think of without cutting me free. I like these capris. I’m not inclined to want to cut my way out of the situation. And the notion of taking the door off the hinges didn’t meet with a round of applause either. I guess he could have found the right screwdriver and removed the doorknob. Maybe.

Mike used my phone to take a picture of the belt looped, tied down, hostage situation I was in. I tried to analyze it while he worked away. 

We were both laughing. We couldn’t help it. I mean, seriously…how many times does this happen? It was a first for me.

Finally, after patient finagling, I was free. I love it that Mike and I could both find the situation humorous. 

We can... Because we know there is a huge difference between “laughing at” and  “laughing with.”


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