Tuesday, May 7, 2024

A Week to Remember

 A Week to Remember

I am writing this from Ohio. Yep, I flew to the Buckeye State last Friday. (Hey, when you find a one-way ticket for under thirty dollars, you grab it.) 

Yes, I said one-way. 

Not to worry. Mike is joining me here for a few days and we’ll drive home together. (Had you wondering, huh?)


This past week was my birthday week, so the day after my birthday, I flew to Cincinnati to see my mama. We’ve had a good visit and I’m very glad I came. Even if she did beat me in several games of Backstreet Rummy.


And for my Florida friends who think it is always cold here, mom and I took a walk today admiring the green grass and all the blooming flowers. Mom has roses blooming now, but I missed the lilacs by a few days. 


Spring is definitely in the air. It was a bit hot today. So maybe it is summer in the air.


The evening I arrived, my youngest daughter picked me up from the airport and took me to a presentation I will likely never forget at her church (Crossroads Cincinnati) Todd Pearce, an honest to goodness cowboy tamed a wild horse right before our eyes. Check him out on YouTube HERE. It was a truly memorable experience.


 I was here for our oldest grandson’s birthday. To celebrate, he, his dad, his mom (my oldest daughter) and I went to a theater for the 25th anniversary of Episode One of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. We had popcorn and root beer for dinner. That is akin to a childhood dream coming true! I love my family!

My Very Own Jedi Knight

My mom and I indulged in takeout from our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch and spent the afternoon playing some of our favorite games. We’ve walked and talked and fully enjoyed each other. 


I love my family. The ones I’ve known all my life… or all of theirs…and the ones I’ve added into the fold since Mike and I married. 


This week’s post may be small…in words… But this week has been huge…in love.




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