Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Failure to Launch

 Failure to Launch

Back in April you may remember I shared that our sweet dog, Roxy, was going to live with her “daddy.” She was, after all, Shawn’s dog. If you missed that post, you can read it by clicking HERE.

After dropping the two dogs and the cat off at Shawn’s house, Mike and I went on down to the Florida Keys for our anniversary. We had a great time and Shawn enjoyed having the critters around. He was ready for them. It was a little disappointing, however, that the cat learned how to use the doggy door he installed before Roxy did.

These animals love Shawn. They’ve known him all of their lives. And Shawn loves them. He offers loving care. Even when he was away at work, he could see what they were doing via a camera he installed and could talk to them. 

As they say at NASA, all systems were “go.”

When Mike and I returned the following week, we stopped at Shawn’s house to pick up Honeybee and Tiki-Kitty. We knew they enjoyed the visit but were happy to head home as well. 

We were barely on the interstate when Shawn called. Roxy was going nuts. I think she felt left out. Mike calmly told Shawn to give her a little time. 

Shawn did. He brought her back to us the next day.

Sometimes Life is Tough

Don’t misunderstand. Shawn loves that dog. He wants her to be happy. Being with the rest of her animal family makes Roxy happy. 

You see, Roxy is a very responsible member of the family. It didn’t’ take her long to realize Shawn’s house was functioning smoothly and would continue to do so without her. You could see the worry lines on her face when she thought of the calamity that might befall our household without her. 

You Can see the Worry Lines 
On Her Sweet Face

Roxy feels a deep obligation to be here and care for Honeybee. She is committed to keeping Tiki on her toes. Roxy was concerned, I think, that without her patrolling our yard, those pesky squirrels might wreak havoc. And I’m sure the main reason she drools on the floor is to remind me to mop it. Dirt and stuff doesn’t always show up on that wood grain.

At NASA they would call this little experiment a “Failure to Launch.” But for us it is…well, it’s merely a family reunion and All Systems Are Go.



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