Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Living Now in the Good Ol' Days

 Living Now in the Good Ol' Days!

Some people live in the past. They long for the “good old days.” I lived those good old days. Some were better than others. Plus, I’m fully aware I am currently living in the “good ol' days” right now….except that will be later, uh…well, I think you get it. Right? 

Some people live in the here and now. What it is the saying…”Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you shall die…” ? 

I'm pretty sure that’s a pirate motto or something. 

Then of course there are those longing for the future. The “someday.” Or the “one day, I’ll be able to …” You hear it all the time.

I generally try to find balance. I hold onto the good memories of the past, enjoy the life Mike and I are carving out now, and look forward to new adventures tomorrow. 

Actually, I am a bit in “Tomorrowland” as I write this. I am living in great anticipation. My oldest daughter and either one or both of her boys…my grandsons….will be heading this way from Ohio in a few days. That’s the big anticipation. I love my family and I love sharing our little corner of Florida sunshine with all of them.

Mike and I are both from a small town in Florida just north of Tampa called Lutz. Well, it used to be a small town. We have good memories of the area, but as Tampa continues to grow, so does Lutz with new construction taking over orange groves and four lane highways cutting through what we knew as farms and ranches. 

When we married, Mike sold his house in Lutz and we headed north. No, not THAT “North”. 

We landed in Citrus County, Florida in a small town called Inverness. Mike’s house in Lutz was next door to his family home. He was used to having eleven acres to roam with another undeveloped twenty acres or so behind him. 

We found a house in Inverness that is close to town. There is a small 55+ community across the street from our place so it is a quiet neighborhood. Here, Mike has less than an acre to mow. When friends wonder how we managed moving to a much a smaller place, I need only to take them to the deck overlooking our heavily shaded backyard. 

I point to the lake beyond the trees and explain, “Those four hundred plus acres there are unbuildable. All under water. But it sure makes for a cool breeze, lots of wildlife, and easy living.”

So for today’s post I decided to share a few pictures of our little neck of the woods…so to speak.  Finding balance for today, appreciating yesterday, and anticipating tomorrow! 

Our backyard at sunset

A blue heron one morning.

An Owl on Our Dock


My Outside Office....What do you think? Hope you are enjoying the here and now...



  1. Sweet life Rebecca~ the Spanish moss! The Heron! The quiet sunset- so good 😊 Thanks for sharing 🥰🙏🦋🏕️🙌😎 & enjoy those boys !!

    1. Thanks Chris! And a big thank you for reading my posts!

  2. Always enjoy reading your blogs. Truly happy for you and Mike sharing life together and enjoying all the new experiences. Love you sweet cousin!😊

    1. Thank you so much Shirley! You need to come see us!

  3. I love your blogs, and your look on life!
    You are so blessed with your new adventures, and I’m very happy for your happy. Your back yard is beautiful! Hopefully we will be a little more settled down this winter, and can come visit, and meet my new cousin. I think Lee & Mike will connect very well, sounds like they have allot in common.
    Enjoy every day. Love you sweet cousin ❤️

    1. Love you, Shelly! I so want our two husbands to meet. Mike is such a good man and a fisherman and everything. You will love him!


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