Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Kosovo: Chapter 6, Scene 2 A Package From Home

When my daughters were away at camp or in college, I made it a point to send them  packages from home. I sent them cards or letters from time-to-time (this was pre-internet) but a package was a treat. In it I would put a few of their favorite treats along with a small gift. They appreciated it. I didn’t know how much those “little things” meant though until I moved to Kosovo.

This past week I received a special package from home. In it were a few of my favorite treats, packets of seasonings I can’t find here, and hot chocolate mixes among other things. It felt like a holiday as I pulled each item from the bag. Books, cards, a small compact and hairbrush were in there as well as a couple of things some of my friends needed…or wanted.

The best gift of all though was the one who delivered the package to me…my daughter, Kendall! Talk about a treat! Kendall presented at a conference in Berlin. When the conference was over, she grabbed a plane to Prishtina and spent the weekend with me!

Kendall arrived on Friday afternoon, so she was able to meet the students in my class, my friends at work, and tour my school. She even gave a talk to the eleventh and twelfth grade students about her career. 

Over the weekend, we rode the bus and took a walk in Germia Park. (Yes, that big yellow bus that inadvertently took me on my first tour of the city!  CLICK HERE for that experience!) I showed her where I shop for groceries and we walked through downtown Prishtina.  

On Sunday, Kendall went with me to my church.  It was fun to take her to some of my favorite restaurants where we enjoyed amazing food. Now she can envision my life here when I talk about people and places. It was exactly what I needed…and didn’t know it. It is one thing to live in an amazing place like Prishtina but another to get to share it with someone you love.

The treats from home are great. Touring the city with Kendall was wonderful. But my favorite part of her visit? The warm hugs and late-into-the-night talks with my sweet girl.

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  1. What a special blessing! I can't imagine being so far away from family for so long.

    1. Thank you, Terry! It was a true blessing. I can't imagine what it would be like without internet and Viber or Google Hangouts!


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