Tuesday, February 1, 2022

The Groundhog Day Movie Challenge

The Groundhog Day Movie Challenge: 

Making the Most of February


My youngest grandson called me as February approached. He was taking a survey. “Do you think the groundhog will see his shadow or won’t see his shadow?” he asked. I told him I hope he doesn’t see his shadow. “Me, too,” he said. “If he doesn’t see his shadow, spring will come and I can go barefoot outside!”


We talked a few minutes about how animals know more about the weather than we think. He’s five. And smart. Then he was off, tallying the marks on his survey. Everyone on his list, it seems, wants an early spring. And summer.


I don’t actually trust the predictions of a rodent but for some reason Groundhog Day shows up in my writing. The first time was in Breathing on Her Own. 

Here is the excerpt: 


The radio alarm clock, set for 6:00am, sounded with I’ve Got You Babe. It reminded Molly of Groundhog Day. What would happen if Laney had the chance to relive that horrible Friday over and over until she changed her life? Molly lay in bed pondering the possibilities, as Travis got ready for work.

If I could change the events of todaywhat would I do?

“Interesting,” she said out loud.


“What’s interesting?” Travis buttoned his shirt.


“I was thinking about that movie Groundhog Day. Do you remember it?”


“Yeah, I think so. The guy kept waking up to the same day, right? And then he started using that to his advantage. What made you think of that?”


Molly sat up in the bed, watching her husband select a pair of socks from the drawer. “A song. But what I was thinking was how every decision we make from the minute we get out of bed shapes our day.”


“That sounded sarcastic.”


Travis leaned in to kiss his wife. “Sorry, I guess I didn’t watch the movie with your philosophical eye. My first decision today is to go to work. I have a breakfast meeting with our staff.”

Travis headed downstairs as Molly fell back on her pillow.  


As I was thinking about this post, I considered Molly’s comment on how every decision we make each morning shapes our whole day. I thought how the movie Groundhog Day fits with my word for the year…RESET. 


In the movie, the character Bill Murray plays has no choice but to hit the reset button every morning. 


I have a choice. I can choose each day to “change,” “adapt,” “redesign,” “adjust, “recast,” or “revise” who I am and what I’m doing. Or, as Bill Murray did in the movie, learn something new. 


So instead of that New Year’s resolution you already discarded, how about joining me in a February challenge? Choose to read a new book, learn to play a song on the piano, paint or draw a picture, study a new language (or try to relearn the one you studied in high school), create something new, or maybe try a new recipe each week. 


You get the idea. February is your chance for a do-over. No long-term commitment. No money invested. You can spend five minutes a day or five hours a week. You figure out how much time you want to spend in February. Me? I have a song I want to learn to play on the piano. I want to know it so well I could sit down anytime anywhere and play it from memory. I’ll let you know how it goes. 


But first, I think I’ll see if I can find that movie. A little light-hearted entertainment on a wintry day? I’m in!


What challenge will you take on for February? Leave your idea in the comments or shoot me an email at rebecca@waterswords.com and I’ll cheer you on secretly…shhh!

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